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The birth of a child is the ultimate perfection of human love.

- Dr. Grantly Dick-Read


About Me

Samantha Woolman, CLD

Hello and welcome! I am a certified labor doula and student midwife who practices in the Cedar Rapids-Iowa City-Waterloo area.

I’ve always been passionate about babies and about finding ways to serve mothers and their little ones. After becoming a CNA, I worked as a nursing assistant on the maternity floor of one hospital while volunteering as a doula in another. As I observed more births, I observed again and again how much the birthing experience can be improved by the presence of a doula.

Now - through doula work, placenta encapsulation, and student midwifery - I am committed to giving each mother, her partner, and their little one the care and attention they deserve in order for them to have the very best, healthiest, and happiest birthing experience they can possibly have.

Contact me for a free consultation!

(515) 321-9880

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